Business Personal Property

Business Personal Property

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The Business Personal Property Department is responsible for appraising, assessing, and assisting in the collection of personal property taxes.

Title 40, Chapter 7, Code of Alabama 1975, requires that every business of any description report to the county taxing office each year a complete list of all business personal property owned as of October 1.  This itemized list should include supplies and all fixed assets, such as furniture, fixtures, computer equipment, software, office equipment, tools, machinery, unlicensed motor vehicles, portable office units, and add-on or specialized vehicle equipment.  Also to be reported every year, regardless of how used, is any trailer having a permanent trailer license plate. This list should be submitted to the Revenue Commissioner’s Office, Business Personal Property department by December 31st each year.  Failure to submit this information by the deadline will result in additional fees and penalties.  Click here to file online or contact our Business Personal Property Department for questions or to acquire a printed ADV-40 Business Personal Property Return. 

The ad valorem taxes on business personal property become due on October 1 of each year, the same as property taxes. The tax amount due is based on the previous year’s business personal property return. However, Section 40-5-14 of the Code of Alabama, requires the Revenue Commissioner to sell the property to satisfy the tax lien if not paid by December 31st. Also, business personal property sold for taxes cannot be redeemed.

In accordance with Section 40-7-74 and Section 40-2-11 of the Code of Alabama, a member of our staff will visit your property to review the itemized list filed in our office, and most importantly, if a list was NOT filed.

Property Valuation Notices are mailed each year approximately in March to notify every personal property owner of the appraised value before a tax notice is mailed in October. You have 30 consecutive days from the date on the notice if you disagree with the value. Contact our Business Personal Property Department to discuss the valuation and protest to the Board of Equalization if not in agreement.